Animal Totem Mouse Teaches Scrutiny

When Mouse comes to us as a totem we find a lesson in scrutiny.  Native American Ancestors tell us that without Mouse we would have no system of knowledge.  You see Mouse knew from the very beginning that there are always more things to learn, more ways to go deeper into a subject.  Little brother mouse might say, “I will let my whiskers touch everything so that I will know about it”.  Oddly that can be a great power and also a great weakness.  For instance, it is good medicine to see things up close and to pay attention to detail.  Chewing every little thing to pieces is bad medicine.

Tiny little brother mouse has many predators who cause him danger including birds, snakes, and cats.  He has to have a highly developed sense of danger at every turn to prevent himself from becoming someone’s dinner.  We humans can really relate to Mouse in civilization today.  Our modern world is comprised of highly complex sets of components that call for extremely good organizational skills along with scrutiny for the details.  Mouse is a powerful medicine  to have with us in today’s complex social settings.  Mouse will find great importance in things that might seem insignificant to others.

Sometimes Mouse people are looked at as nit-pickers by people with other medicines.  They may find people with a personal totem of Mouse as ones who will take the simplest of tasks and find much difficulty to reveal in it.  Mouse people are fixated on methodology and will sort, categorize, and file away everything for later use.  Others might think they are hoarders but that is far from the truth.  They have tucked things away to explore it more carefully at a later time.

Mouse may come to you when you need to look at yourself and others with better scrutiny.  Perhaps you need to examine that which is right before your eyes more carefully and take the appropriate action.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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7 thoughts on “Animal Totem Mouse Teaches Scrutiny”

  1. Thank you for studying Mouse. I have three mice who have taken up residence in my room and this morning they had crawled into bed with me to sleep. I knew they had a message for me and couldn’t quite hear them. This has helped me immensely! (Lol I have a bad habit of making pets out of small animals, and I have done that with these three, but this was the most extreme break of routine I’d ever seen. Their nest is behind my bookcase across the room.)

  2. As a kid I used to draw a mouse constantly. As a representation of myself or because I felt like drawing one at the moment. It was consitent in my earlier years but eventually it left. One morning when I was in high school, I woke up and found a mouse sitting quite close to my head. It was just sitting there staring at me. I was a bit freaked out and thought it would scamper off as soon as I moved but as it turned out the poor thing was dead. To this day I’m still confused as to how it died but one thing for sure is that even though it pass away it never closed it’s eyes. It’s eyes still seemed like they were full of life.

    1. It certainly sounds like Mouse was working with you as a child. As creepy as it sounds with the mouse sitting there next to you, it does appear that perhaps it was the way of the Spirit to say goodbye to you. In other words the lessons of Mouse had been learned and it was time for him/her to leave you. It would be interesting to know if as a child you felt that you had to be aware of danger or that you were always exploring things. It does sound as if Mouse was a “messenger totem” for you as your interest or fascination left you. Thank you for sharing your story.

      1. That is really interesting. I was reading up on totem animals some time ago and yesterday night I suddenly remembered about what I had read. The Mouse used to play a part in my childhood so I decided I’d check today…..In a way I was. There were certain people in my life that were dangerous, and some circumstances that would be considered so. I wasn’t so aware back then. At least to beyond what was usually the the forefront of my mind. Because of this I’m usually on alert even when relaxed sometimes. I keep my ears and eyes open to everyone one I come into contact with. Their words, tone, eyes, face/body expressions, and feeling they give off in order to gauge whether they’re safe. My instincts also help, though sometimes I ignore them and try to give the person who’s sending some bad vibes the benefit of the doubt. People have bad days. As for exploring things, my curiosity would often get the better of me and I’d usually appease it. But I think this was mostly directed to small little objects that would catch my attention from the corner of my eye, or learning something.
        Thank you for taking the time to reply.

        1. Sounds like Mouse served you well back then and because you are suddenly looking into it again, it might be telling you to keep your “scrutiny” sharpened. Always trust your instincts Heide, they are come to our conscience when we need them.

      2. I had a dream about a white mouse who was trying to steal a pair of my shoes. I grabbed for my shoes and the mouse bit me

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