Buffalo has great meaning to me as a Native American Totem along with many others who follow and learn of the Spiritual lessons of the First People.  Let me tell you of the medicine we receive from this wonderful creature and share a personal story too.

As a totem Buffalo brings us lessons of prayer and abundance. All animals are sacred but in many traditions of the First People the White Buffalo is the most sacred.  The appearance of White Buffalo is a sign that prayers are being heard and that the sacred pipe is being honored. Promises of a prophesy are being filled.

The Lakota tell of the White Buffalo Calf Woman who brought the sacred pipe to the people and taught them to pray.  The pipe represents the coming together of male and female giving a connection to the Great Spirit with divine energy.  With tobacco added to the pipe each family in nature is asked to share the medicine as prayer and praise to the heavens. The smoke becomes the visual prayer and is sacred and cleansing.

Buffalo was the major source of sustenance for the indigenous peoples of the Plains in North America.  Brother buffalo gave meat for food, hides for clothing and warmth, and hooves for glue.

If the White Buffalo comes to you as a messenger totem, you are being asked to use your energy in prayer.  You may be used as the instrument of someone else’s answered prayer.  It is a time to recognize the sacredness of every walk of life, even if they are different from your own.  We are reminded that we can achieve nothing without the aid of the Great Spirit and we must be humble when we ask for help and most grateful when we receive it.

Why did I choose Buffalo to talk about today? My sister-in-law just had a liver transplant last week and our family is grateful for the humble prayers that have been answered.  I write in honor of those answered prayers. But there is more to my reasons for writing about Buffalo today.

You see, my sister-in-law has Waboose or White Buffalo as her Spirit Keeper.  She does not follow the same spirituality as I, so she did not know this.  As we were visiting her on the second day of her recovery, we talked about the strong medicine for pain that she is being given. The doctors told us that it was possible she would have hallucinations while taking this medication.  Our ancestors would have called these visions.  So, I looked at her and said, “If you see a White Buffalo don’t be frightened or concerned”.  She looked at me with such surprise and said, “I’ve been seeing a White Buffalo! It just seems to be watching me.”  I explained briefly that it was good that she was seeing this most sacred of animals because he is her Spirit Keeper, her power totem.  She wants to know more when she feels better.

Whether you know it, acknowledge it, or even believe in it your totems are with you.  White Buffalo watches over my sister-in-law, it heard my humble prayers to help her, and it has shown itself to her without her even knowing what it all meant.  I take this time to share this story with you to say a prayer of thanksgiving to Spirit for watching over my sister-in-law and our family. I take this time to honor Buffalo for the sacred medicine it gives to all of us.
Credits for Image used: First People

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We ARE all related

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