Celebrating The Medicine Of Otter

If Otter is your Native American birth totem, one of your power totems, or just working with you as a messenger totem you will surely connect with these options for a calendar in 2017.

As an animal spirit Otter will remind us to remain playful like a child. Allow situations to just simply happen and unfold as they are meant to. Otter also teaches to stop worrying about things so much! Otter is the personification of femininity and will work with both male and female humans to get them in touch with their feminine side.

Sea Otters 2017 Wall Calendar
Sea Otters 2017 Wall Calendar

The playful otter is featured in this endearing wall calendar. Center stapled measuring 13 by 12 inches when closed we see nurturing creature teacher in twelve wonderful images for the year. From their awkward little gait to their habit of holding hands as the float in a nap, the otter can teach us how to love without jealousy.

sea otters calendar
Sea Otters 2017 Calendar

Otter says kick back, relax, enjoy life to the fullest. Twelve wonderful photographs of the frisky little creature who frolics in the Pacific Ocean. So cute when they float on their back with their head above the water! They are known to take a little nap after having dined on shellfish. No worries for Otter.

Learn more about the Native American Totem of Otter: Otter As A Birth Totem

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