White Hawk Visits With A Sacred Message

White Hawk Flies In For A Visit

In the not too distant past one of my friends was visited by a red-tailed hawk and she asked me to help her with understanding what the visit might mean. Actually, it is more interesting than just a hawk coming into her view. You see, the red-tailed hawk was unique, it was white! That is correct, an albino hawk! Naturally he got her attention. It would get mine, too. I actually got goosebumps as she related the encounter and asked if she would mind if I shared her amazing journey with this unique bird once I had meditated on what it might mean. The image below is not the bird my friend encountered but I wanted you to see what a white hawk might look like. It was found at wikimedia commons.

white hawk

The Hawk, the mouse and the crow

First, let’s look at the event itself. My friend was riding in the car with her husband and a large white bird came into her view. At first glance, she thought it was a seagull but since those are not birds in her area she looked closer. Brother Hawk wanted her to see him because he flew next to the car for some distance. First in front of the car and then next to the window where she was sitting. She was the passenger so it would have been on her right side. She was traveling north on a road that eventually connects two states. Brother Hawk flew alongside the car long enough that her husband was also able to see the bird clearly, even though he was driving. She said she thought of me and wanted to ask me what a white hawk meant.

What you don’t know from this story, so far, is that my friend identifies strongly with Sister Mouse. In fact for the longest time, I did not know her real name; I only knew her as Sylvestermouse (Miss Mouse for short). She said that as the hawk was flying next to the car; she joked with her husband that the hawk was hunting her down. (Hawks eat mice, you know.) Oh, I believe he was hunting her that day but not as prey; as the recipient of a message. You should also know that her birth totem is the Raven/Crow. I feel that she is stronger in crow medicine than raven and I have felt that about her for a long time.

Clues From The White Hawk encounter

As with any visit from a totem or spirit animal there is always more to it than just the visit by the animal, itself. Whether the spirit animal shows itself in the physical realm (as in Miss Mouse’s visit) or in a dream or vision there are additional clues as to the message or lesson for we humans to hear or learn. The special clues or signs that I see in this visit from the hawk are:

  • Crow birth totem
  • Strong identity with Mouse totem
  • Hawk totem visits as a white bird
  • Traveling north
  • Right side
  • The number 2

OK, so now let’s look at what might give us some clarity in her visit. Her birth totem is the Crow. Crow medicine is strong and spiritual. Crow people are the keepers of the sacred laws. She has a powerful ¬†identity with the Mouse totem. Mouse medicine is one of scrutiny. With her mouse medicine she will be able to use her “whiskers” to scrutinize the situation before her and see exactly what is being presented and take the proper action.

She is visited by a red-tailed hawk which typically means that one is being alerted to watch the signs for a message. Hawk comes to us when something important is about to be revealed to us. It doesn’t surprise me that the hawk would come to her as she was born under a moon that is governed by air. What makes this visit even more special is that the hawk was white. Any white creature is considered sacred because of the rarity of them in nature. By the bird being an albino, I feel that not only is Miss Mouse getting a message but the message is one of a high spiritual nature…a sacred message, if you will. White is the color of purity and truth.

Miss Mouse and the bird were traveling north. This is significant, also! When we are in the land of the north winds we are in a place where we receive wise council. It is the place in the medicine wheel for wisdom and experience and it’s color in the wheel is white! The North is the place where we are reminded to be grateful for every blessing of every day.

The white hawk flew alongside Miss Mouse on her right side. Our right sides are the place in our souls that carry our courage and our warrior spirits. When we receive messages from the right it is from our Father-protector. Sounds pretty sacred to me.

And finally, the number 2. We see the number twice in this encounter. There were two people in the car traveling on a road that connects 2 states. Two is a feminine number. It is the number of balance and beckons us to summon our natural power of judgement to do what is best for our souls. Two is also a number for partnerships, connections, and communication.

In my humble opinion, I believe that Miss Mouse is about to receive (if she hasn’t already) a most powerful message that pertains to her own spirituality. She will gain some sort of knowledge that will help her to grow even stronger in her faith. It will be a most divine message. Brother Hawk has arrived in his sacred color of white to say, “Be alert, watch the signs something very important is about to be revealed.”


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12 thoughts on “White Hawk Visits With A Sacred Message”

  1. Wow! What a fantastic post. Thank you so much for taking the time to analyze the encounter in such depth. I know we discussed it initially, but I very much appreciate the way you have laid it all out here for me (us) to read.

    The image of that beautiful hawk has stayed with me, on my mind, for days now. (Your photo actually does look very much like our friend) Even my husband has mentioned him several times. We both felt there was a strong connection between that white hawk and us. The fact that he stayed alongside us, maintaining our speed, was very impacting. He was truly a beautiful site to behold! He was more gliding than flying. I commented that he looked like he was riding the wind and he certainly made our spirits soar right along with him.

  2. I “think” I saw a white hawk, it was gliding just like a hawk but it was white. As i was driving North up Oyster bay Rd on Long Island NY in March. It was just me in the car, it flew from my right side across the street i was driving on to my left side then into a tree. Right over my car.
    I would love to know what that means ?

  3. I’ve connected with red tailed hawk for many years (I’m also an air moon)
    I’ve just had an encounter with a white hawk as well.
    How does one find out their birth totem?

  4. I, too, have had the blessing of seeing White Hawks. Three in T or C, NM, one in Isleta Pueblo, NM, and one just outside of Atlanta, GA. Having just been diagnosed with c—-r, I felt seeing such beautiful creatures was a good sign, encouragement from God to believe and know I will survive. ‚̧

  5. Hi Beverly, I live in North Queensland Australia, sitting on my front patio yesterday I saw a snow white hawk chase a young pigeon (which had only fledged a few days before) into the bushes (where the pigeon was born) the pigeon escaped, the hawk was tangled up in the bush for a few seconds before going on his way, I’d called out to my husband to see it but he was too late. I have a broken ankle and collarbone, and a broken heart after losing my beautiful girl (dog) Diva 2 weeks ago to lymphosarcoma ,we dont know how long we will have her brother BamBam as he has the same thing. I have never seen a white hawk before so I did some research and we dont have anything that even comes close in NQ so I guess it must have been an albino. After looking up your totem page I found out my totem is also crow/raven I hope seeing the white hawk was a good omen I could use a change of luck.

  6. B.L. I’ve seen a white hawk today … It landed on top of my car … It tapped on the top of the car and I tapped back and it responded again. Then it flew around gliding in circles. Then he was gone.

  7. Dec 25th 2017 Around 3am my friend and I were outside just talking and he noticed a white bird and we didn’t know if it was a snowy owl or a white hawk, i noticed it as it glided right over us. I am First Nation from northern Ontario and my spirit name is Night Thinderbird Woman and he is causcasian and we just met over a month ago. We have been spending a lot of time together as we have so much in common and share a lot about self care, pretty much discuss everything.

  8. I had a dream night night which I don’t remember anything however my wife told me I repeatedly said whitehawk whitehawk help me and then I called out my brothers name whom passed away suddenly in 2014 from a heart attack we were very close after saying whitehawk whitehawk I called out his name and said help me. She said I did the same thing 2 nights prior only after saying whitehawk whitehawk I called out my brothers name and said save me. Can you help me to understand what this means?

  9. On yesterday, me and my husband was driving from North Carolina to south Carolina and a white hawk appeared from my right side as my husband was driving and I said that’s a hawk a white hawk it not a,seaguil because this not an area for seaguil and Be said you are right that’s a white hawk . I said while I wander what that mean, so I looked it up and find the story of Mrs. Mouse it is exactly the same thing that happen to me , I thought WOW!! I am still amazed at the story and what happened to me.

  10. I have seen a all white hawk now at least 5 times a week for the last year .i have many pictures of it. When I’m in the woods this hawk will sit in a tree far from me and.watch me . but as soon as I walk twored it it will fly away.fast.then come.back and watch me again…i would like to know if this really has Any means to it.. Thank you …im called the trapper.

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