Sacred Path Message: Hour of Power

Hour of Power a Ritual of Joy
Native American Sacred Path Lesson

We humans all have our own internal timing. We see it in ourselves and others without even thinking about it.  We know people who are quick to accomplish a daily task while others we know are more methodical in their attempt.  We know people who have very quick thought processes while others have the gift of patience for examining the task at hand.  This timing within ourselves is what makes us unique and different from each other.

During a day’s cycle, each of us have our own Hour of Power.  That time of day that we feel most alive, most creative,  and most happy.  It can be in the early hours of the morning or late at night but we all have a special time of day that we are connected with.

Let’s think about Power first.  When you feel powerful you might feel happy, courageous, bold, full of vitality, and able to use your talents to their fullest.  Power in this sense lives as truth inside of our inner being.

To find your Hour of Power you might reflect on when you feel your best and when you feel your weakest.  Ironically they will be exactly opposite of each other by 12 hours.  We all have an internal clock that will send a burst of energy and vigor when we are connected to Mother Earth at the peak hour of our personal cycle.  Without the internal timing and the awareness we tend to lose our balance.

It is essential to be silent and feel our Hour of Power in each day because it feeds our body, heart, mind and spirit. It is our balance point. Our spirit pauses as our internal clock shifts gears and then the spirit fills the body with total joy and exhilaration.

Our own Hour of Power is a ritual of joy in the lessons of the Sacred Path. It is a time of the day when we are filled with the essence of being alive and being connected to all Creation.  You can actually call on this medicine of the Hour of Power any time of the day that you need it. You only need to close your eyes and breath in the pulse of Mother Earth’s heartbeat and create the joy.  Plant your feet firmly on Mother Earth and breath in the joy. Feel it coming up the soles of your feet. This Earth connection is pure sustenance and will allow you to ride out any storm that comes your way.

~ Mitakuye Oyasin ~ We are all related

The Burden Basket: Medicine of Self Reliance

I personally love the Sacred Path medicine of The Burden Basket.  The message is to pull from your own inner-strength and to become self-reliant. By trusting in yourself to find your own answers and letting go of your burdens, you can conquer the world.  Our problems stop being burdens when solutions are found.

The Burden Basket teaches us not to leave our troubles at the door of another. If we rely on ourselves and our connection to the Great Spirit we learn to stretch into our own unique potential.  If we become confused and we seek counsel, we should always use the advice given.  We should not waste the time of others if we do not intend to respect and honor the wisdom given to us.  We should also know that it is not our job to solve the problems of others. In doing so, we rob them of their right to self-reliance.

While we walk through our lifetime, we only carry the burdens we wish to carry. If we find pleasure or a feeling of importance because we have so much to handle, then we need to look seriously at our ideas of self-importance.  The lesson of the Burden Basket is that we are all self-reliant and should use our own talents to find our own solutions.

Before the First People were forced onto reservations, Burden Baskets were used to gather wood by the women of the tribes. This wood would be used for cooking fires and Grandmother Fires to heat the inside of the lodges.  The heating fires were so named because the wood was small enough that even a Grandmother could carry it. The wood was placed in the Burden Basket to free the hands to gather and collect items for cooking.

Native women were not asked to bear a burden heavier than their Burden Basket could handle.  When not in use, the Burden Basket was hung outside of the home to serve another purpose.  Native American etiquette differs from other cultures and the Burden Basket played a role in a custom honored by all Tribal members.

Before entering the home, all burdens were to be placed in the Burden Basket outside. Leave your complaints and problems outside, please.  It is not polite to bring those troubles into the Sacred Space of the family you are visiting. The Burden Basket becomes a symbol of the internal strength of knowing how to keep your own counsel and not to inflict our burdens onto the shoulders of others.

It takes a strong heart to feel compassion for the burdens of others and not to take the burdens on as our own.

Burden Baskets were used for utilitarian means but also as a Guardian of the homes. Giving balance to the tribe as a whole and a reminder of respecting the happiness and privacy of those around us.

The wonderful photo of a Native American Woman with her Burden Basket was used with permission from First People.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related.

Sacred Path Medicine Totems

Desert Thunder printThere is a Sacred Path that we humans or two-leggeds can choose to walk in our lifetime here on Mother Earth.  We can learn lessons or get medicine from what some might deem unusual.  Native American beliefs may seem strange to many or at least a new way to look at life around us.

As we begin this new year and new decade,  my blog posts will dance to a drum rhythm of sorts.  I plan to post about an Animal Totem on Mondays,  Sacred Path medicine on Wednesdays, and a plant or mineral totem on Fridays.

We will learn from the Pipe,  Sweat Lodge, Vision Quest,  Peyote Ceremony, and Standing People (Trees).   I will tell you about the Sun Dance, Medicine Wheel,  East Shield,  South Shield,  West Shield,  and North Shield.  Arrow, Coral,  Kokopelli, Talking Stick,  Power Place,  and Moon Lodge will give us lessons.  Whirling Rainbow, Painted Face, Counting Coup, Rites of Passage, Heyokah,  Smoke Signals,  and Council Fire all have a lesson we can learn from.  We will cover the Pow-Wow, Warbonnet, Cradleboard, Medicine Bundle,  and Storyteller medicine.  Fire Medicine,  Medicine Bowl,  Drum, Dreamtime,  and Burden Basket will help us on our Sacred Path.  There are lessons from  Shawl, Thunder-beings,  Great Mystery, Field of Plenty,  and the Stone People (rocks).  We will find wisdom from the  Great Smoking Mirror,  Shaman’s Death,  Hour of Power, Give-Away Ceremony,  and Sacred Space.

The wonderful graphic used in this post is the CD cover of Dancing With The Thunder Beings by Lightening Bolt.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related.