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We are going to look at the totem of wolf today but in a more specific manner than I normally do. Last week, one of my readers stated that she wished that she could find out what her birth totem was. So, today we are going to look at the animal spirit that has been walking by her side since the day she took her first breath which was March 2nd. I feel a real connection for this post as she shares both the birth totem and date of birth with my husband. The year is slightly different but that does not really matter. My father also walks with Wolf medicine.

Jo Ann was born during the Big Winds Moon which is the last moon governed by Waboose the Spirit Keeper of the North which is known as the White Buffalo in the English language. Our ancestors looked at wolf as a teacher and a pathfinder who would always return to the clan to share the knowledge he had gained while on the hunt.

People like Jo Ann, my father and my husband have a strong sense of family whether that pertains to actual relatives or the “pack” of friends in their lives. They are known for their loyalty much like the cousin spirit of dog. Wolves feel strongly about the society that they live in. With that being said, a person with wolf medicine also carries a strong urge for being an individual and can successfully be a part of both levels. They can be an active and productive part of society while still maintaining their own ideas and dreams.

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Wolf people have a kinship with the moon and its cycles which symbolizes psychic energy. Whether they have realized it in their consciousness they are intuitive in their very nature. They will often spot the hidden parts of any situation or the hidden traits of individuals without even thinking about it.

Compassion is often a term associated with people who walk with Wolf. It has a lot to do with their seeking of knowledge to share with their fellow humans that will allow them to reach new heights. One can not do this without compassion for mankind. The gracious sharing of a teacher is different than one who has knowledge but will not pass it on to others. There is a kindness and considerate nature to one who seeks wisdom for the better of the whole like wolf.

Just as a wolf in the wild, people who walk along side wolf in spirit are very conscious of territory. They need a well defined area when it comes to home or work. This also transcends over to relationships. Being social spirits, companionship is very important to people with the wolf totem.

Out of curiosity I looked up the name of Jo Ann to see if there was a connection to wolf there, also. Her name means “God is gracious”. I see a connection as a gracious person is often a compassionate person. Teachers are gracious and kind in sharing what they know to those who do not know the same things that wolf does. Also the connection of a higher spirit fits together with the intuitive nature from a different plane of consciousness.

This has been a very fun post for me to write for you all today. As I meditated on the information and looked at my resources I saw so much of my father and husband in the message. How about you Jo Ann? Does any of this fit you?

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4 thoughts on “Totem Of The Wolf”

  1. Oh my your post brought tears to my eyes because it was a perfect fit to the person I am. It gave me the gift of answers to what my life’s purpose is. I have always had intuitive qualities, which have been working on understanding my thoughts, feelings, and dreams. I am a nurse and in the process of opening my own practice to help others through a Holistic approach. Prior to this process while working for organizations I always provided education to staff, new nurses, and my patients to have a improved outcome.

    Thanks you so much for this beautiful wolf totem interpretation.

    1. It brought me great joy to share this with you! Wishing you much success in your new endeavor with the holistic medicine.

  2. Hi Beverly,
    I too was touched by your response. I discovered the wolf as my totem in a dream many years ago and it has shown up in many dream guises over the years. All have been striking experiences but the one I’m writing about seems to have a more lasting quality, as if it was an experience in the world of spirit and more than a message. In the dream, it was night and a bright silvery moonlight was illuminating everything. I had arrived there by walking down my childhood street. Only two homes had any lights on: a family named Ridgeway lived in one, and the other, which beckoned and whose backyard I wound up in, were named the Holcombs. I was in a wooded area in shadows and far up near the house was a gruff but protective policeman from a TV cop show. Between us a magnificent Buffalo was playing with a wolf. The wolf would charge and the buffalo would act like it was going to throw the wolf, but nothing bad ever happened and in retrospect, it was obvious there was pure joy between the two. It was mesmerizing, but I was concerned that the wolf would be overpowered by the huge buffalo. On awakening, I knew the question was why couldn’t I join the play, or at least enjoy what was happening between them. Also, knowing the original purpose of the wolf in my consciousness was protection (which I eventually had to give back, in another dream, by throwing it into a mighty river, it’s puzzling but interesting to me that I felt protective of the wolf in this one. Anyway, I’d love any thoughts you might have on the connection between the buffalo and the wolf. Most of my other wolf dreams seem to offer pretty clear interpretations, but this one seems to have a depth I’ve never quite captured. One way or the other, thanks for your wonderful comments about this totem.

    1. Hi Dave, thank you so much for stopping by and asking your question. As I read about your dream, I was first struck with this: The Spirit Keeper that “rules” (for lack of a better word) over wolf is Waboose….Buffalo (more specifically the White Buffalo). So, my inclination is that it is perfectly natural that wolf and buffalo would play together in your dream. Wolf is not about protection but about the sharing of knowledge and the wolf has a strong, very strong, sense of community and what is best for the community as a whole. Wolf and Buffalo belong to the same “neighborhood” in the spirit world. Basically wolf was enjoying a playful time with his leader spirit under the light of the moon (very wolf!). I don’t know what was going on in your personal life at the time of this dream but I get the feeling that you were being directed to observe the joy of sharing knowledge with those around you. You weren’t invited to play because at the time you were not willing to share what you knew. You felt protective of the wolf because you were feeling that you needed to protect someone from the wisdom you had. Buffalo (the mayor of the part of the spirit world that keeps the wisdom) and wolf who searches for the knowledge and then shares it with his pack would not harm each other but instead would find sheer joy in exchanging what they knew; knowing that the knowledge was good for all concerned. I don’t know if this helps you or not, but it is what came to me immediately when I read your comment.

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