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I had not really given this much thought in the past but the Sparrow must have been one of my mother’s power totems. I was reminded of her attraction to this bird of somewhat lowly status in today’s society a couple of weeks ago by an event that I will share with you below. For as long as I can remember, Mom had always said that she wanted a song about a sparrow to be sung by a particular individual at her funeral. Because the song she referred to was a religious song, I had always thought that was the reasoning for the request. Of late, I think it was much more than that and went even more in the spiritual realm than I ever imagined. The song was His Eye Is On The Sparrow which has a refrain that says, “His eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches over me.”

It is said that the sparrow was the only bird around during the Crucifixion of Jesus and became symbolic of the triumph after a time of long suffering. This tiny little bird who seems so insignificant today was once a symbol of household divinities in Britain and in the Middle Ages was a symbol of the peasants of the lower classes in all of Europe who were in a state of helplessness under the power of the Lords over them.  These peasants loved to tell and hear stories of how a small little bird like the sparrow would triumph over enemies like a wolf, bear or eagle that symbolized the different houses of the nobility.

Sparrow Plate
Sparrow Plate by RuthGarrison at Zazzle.

Because the sparrow has been able to survive and thrive in spite of its many natural predators, it has become a symbol of the idea that the nobility of the common person is inherently strong within all of us. If you believe that this little bird is one of your totems, take a minute to look around you. Have you been allowing others to take away your dignity? Is your own self-worth something that you dismiss or have forgotten about? Have you taken on the frame of mind that tells you that you will always be under the crushing step of a tyrant? If so, the sparrow will show you how to survive all of this. No matter what the circumstances around you are or seem to be, sparrow will awaken a new sense of dignity and self-worth in you. Wow, this made me think of my Mom! She had very low self-esteem and did not stop to hear the song that the Sparrow was singing to her.

Sparrow Feeding Poster
Sparrow Feeding Poster by neighborhoodwildlife at

A few weeks ago, I happened to be having a conversation with a friend of mine who has the gift of communicating with the spiritual world. As we talked, we heard a very loud bird singing. We both thought the bird was in the room and started to look around. The song would stop and then start again and kept getting louder, almost insistent that we stop and take notice of its song. I looked over at the window that was to my right and there it was, a sparrow perched so that I could see it and just almost screaming its song. My friend said, “You know the spirit in this bird, it is talking to you.” I thought to myself that if I didn’t know better I would think it was Mom but I did not say it out loud to my friend. My friend got really quiet for a few seconds and then said, “This person’s name started with an E. Oh, it is your Mom! Watch for her in a dream, she has something to tell you.”

Notice the sparrows in this video! When on the ground a Mourning Dove comes to get some grain. Also making an appearance are a House Finch (cute little bird with a red head) and a female cardinal visiting the feeder at the same time as the sparrows are feeding.


The sparrow is not one of my totems, except that for that one day it seemed to be. By Mom coming in the form of a sparrow, I knew that it did have to be her because of that request that she had for the song to be sang when she left the earthly plane of her existence. Had it been any other bird, I might not have taken notice. What were my friend and I discussing at the time of the visit from the sparrow? A feeling of being held back and held down by powers stronger than me. Hmmm! So, maybe in the spiritual realm Mom has learned from the Sparrow and wants me to, also.

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  1. Despite inhabiting the UK in huge numbers the House Sparrow has suffered a worrying decline in the last decade. Now they seem to be recovering, but having lived in this house for 16 years, it is only this year that we have started to see them in our backyard. I do wonder if their appearance in my garden is a message, but whether it is or not, I am just pleased to see them.

    1. Its around 7.40 pm 4 30 19. I feed the sparrows morning and night. Have One that comes to Me. It’s awesome. Well! A Sparrow flew by while I was setting on the Bench and It’s Wing Brushed My Right Leg. Wow! Blew Me away. I’m Onefeather Cherokee Indian. I’m said to be Claravoint by everyone. But I’m just a Spirit of God. I choose The Sparrow as My Totem. I have No idea what it all means. One

  2. I had a dream about a sparrow-like bird that we call “red paws” in my area of the US (mid atlantic coast)…at least I think that’s house the second half of the name is but the biggest visual difference between them and sparrows is that the male has a rosy red head. I really haven’t been seeing them in the last decade or so though 🙁

    The dream was that I was holding a large flat board of burnished wood and I looked to the window and a red paw was there and wanted to come and see me. It actually landed on my shoulder and was inspecting the wood with me. Then I guess I put the board down and took the bird to an open space in the wall to the outside- with the bird cupped gently in my hands I set it free. It was an amazing dream.

    I’ve been going through a very difficult period in my life and just received an inheritance….I’m just kind of holding my breath though and not getting too happy about that part- my life has always been greatly out of my own control.

    Anyhow, I would appreciate any information about these little birds, if they are considered totems..(also I grew up with parakeets as pets and have none of the usual irrational fear that other people have of birds and I respect them and know how intelligent they actually are in general)…

    Thank you!

    1. I wonder if you are referring to the bird known as Redpoll and not Red Paw? The Redpoll is a member of the finch family. When finches come as a totem it is a sign that life is going to become more active. They also signify that a variety of potentials are most likely to unfold in your life. Pay close attention to these possibilities and act on the ones that feel strong to you.

  3. I am researching sparrow symbolism for an art project. This was very helpful and also touching. It spoke to me.
    Thank you,
    Tabitha Radtke

  4. I found your blog today as I was looking into the symbolism of the little sparrow that sat on Bernie Sanders speaker’s dais.

  5. Hi,I get sparrows in my garden all the time.everytime I go out there ,thier is this one sparrow that attracts my attention.its comes closer and closer to me everytime.I always say hello to it,but I’m sure its a spirit trying to communicate.that’s how I found this site as I had to look it up to see if the sparrow meant anything.xx

  6. Hi we had just moved and started to remodle when a single sparrow made a home in our door fram. My son sings to it with whistle and it flies off every morning to return every night. He even can pet it. Just wanted your thoughts on this.

  7. Hi I wanted to look up the symbolic meaning since its been almost a week and a sparrow wakes me up in the morning at around 7. She flutters and hovers around my room and I sense strong vibrant energy and bliss. It feels magical each morning as I see her when I open my eyes.

  8. Wow. Journaling, tapping and breaking through a lifetime of issues stemming from actual events, I fell to my knees and pled for a sign that breaking up this life is actually the path of the highest good.
    A few minutes later. I heard a bird’s call like I’ve never heard before. Loud, insistent, made me go and find the source.
    A sparrow, big, round, all fluffed up, screaming from the wood pile just outside my door. I’ve been here 13 years, and while sparrows are abundant in my yard, nothing like this has ever happened. He even allowed me to go and get my camera to capture him.
    I knew it was a sign for me. I just had no idea how literal of a sign, to my situation, it is.
    Blessings to you Beverly! Much love to you, and our mothers!

  9. Hello,
    I was drinking my cup of coffe this morning outside on my patio and a sparrow flew on the fence near me and started chirping very loudly at me. She looked at me directly in the eye. She stayed a while chirping very loudly flew away and came back to the fence and did the same thing. I looked at her and asked her what message did she have for me. I have been stuck in a rut for years and very depressed.i hope this was a good sign for me. What do you think? Please reply to me.

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