Black Panther Totem

The totem or medicine of the Black Panther reminds us that darkness is the place for both seeking and finding answers. It is a place to accept healing. The darkness is a place for us to access the hidden light of truth. Through our dreams, Sister Panther teaches us to delve into the places within ourselves to find the things in need of healing. Just as a Black Panther we must track the unfamiliar territory of self-discovery and to be as fearless as she in facing the unknown.

If Black Panther is working with you as a totem she may be telling you not to worry about the future. She could be reminding you that you need to trust that you are not supposed to “figure it out” right now. It might be a time for you to confront your fears of the unknown. Do you fear being less than you truly are? Are you frightened to just BE yourself? Sister Panther says to let go of the fears because they are obstacles in your growth.  Embrace your unknown and flow with the unfolding journey of your life.

Black Panther

Black Panther
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When working with Black Panther, or should I say when she is working with us, we need to let go of the negative people and limiting thoughts. There is no reason to fear being alone. When we are out of balance we have a tendency to allow the shadows create demons of fear in us. Trust Black Panther to guide you in the darkness.

Snuggle into Black Panther’s dark fur and let her guide you into the emptiness of the void. Do not let the shadows overcome you but instead embrace the unknown and trust that what is coming is good and right for your personal journey.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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  1. I had a dream last night that I was in the high school I attended. There were three brief moments in the dream that featured a black panther. The first, was a person standing in the middle of the hallway, a blur of people passing by and the person standing still was holding a black panther cub. The second, was as if I had walked further down the aforementioned hallway and a person was standing in front of a locker; there was an adult black panther sitting on it’s haunches near them. The third, wasn’t as brief I walked into the gym that was unusually crowded with more people that had ever been in my school. As I walked toward the bleachers there was an adolescent black panther laying on the bleachers. I sat next to the panther and at the center of the crowd, on the floor was a former friend. She had blond hair and said “We with the light hair are given to the vipers.” At that point someone handed her a cream colored snake that proceeded to bite her. Is there any meaning to the panther and the snake being in one dream?

    1. What an interesting dream! In my most humble opinion, I think there is a real significance to the 3 panthers and at different stages of life: cub, teen and adult. That kind of says to me that there is something that you have been fearful of your entire life. Since the snake was in the dream, I have to wonder if you struggle a great deal with accepting change in your life. Snake is about transmutation or the shedding of one skin to grow into another. It could be that you are supposed to go through the process of shedding the skin of a thought, action or desire but you are struggling with some sort of fear….hence the prominence of the panther. Panther was there telling you to let go of the fears that bind you and allow the change to occur. That is what I picked up on, anyway. Does any of this ring true?

      1. Quite a bit of it rings true actually. I’ve struggled with anxiety my entire life. I have a disorder called Intention Tremor that worsens when I’m anxious, so it often causes me to doubt myself or fear doing certain tasks. As a result, I have trouble feeling comfortable in most situations. I think that the panther was telling me I need to find a way to let go of that anxiety in order to pursue my future hence, the snake being in the dream. Thank you for clarifying this for me. I often have dreams that I feel have significant meaning and this one was a bit difficult to clarify on my own.

  2. Hi Bev.. Since I awoke this morning, I have been compelled to find significance of last night’s dream. I truly appreciate all my dreams; however, at 36 yrs old, I have never been completely intrigued (as I am now); and, I have never researched a dream. In my dream, I was monitoring a few children that were playing in front of a house ( I do not believe they were my kids; my daughter is 10; my son is 13; I have full custody and re-married on 11/12/13). The home was not familiar – it was almost rustic in nature. I was actually sitting on a sofa – just outside this home. It was at this point that I noticed a strong Black Panther; just sitting intently, near the sofa and watching the children play near the home – this panther was not looking ‘aggressive’ though.. Upon noticing the panther, I felt nervous for the children’s safety; and, I felt somewhat scared this panther was so close. As the children began to scurry & fumble – to enter the front door of the house for safety, it was at that point that a male lion with a dark brown/black mane leapt onto the roof of the house. It began to feel almost like an invasion of big cats. It was at this point that I felt inclined to stand up and do something to protect these kids. As I stood up from the sofa and began to walk toward the home, the black panther also stood and basically escorted me back to the sofa. I thought I was about to be mauled; RATHER, the panther was casual in its approach toward me; and, I found myself back on the sofa. However, this time, the panther was sitting on the sofa with me – with its paw on me (can’t quite remember if it was on my shoulder, chest or thigh). In either case, I was no longer fearing for my life (or, the children’s lives). It was more like a nervous fear of what was next to come. I actually felt safe and fortunate.. The lion, even though it remained aggressive and I did not have any direct interaction with it, I no longer feared its threat toward myself or the children. It actually felt pretty “cool” that this panther was ‘helping’ me and hanging out with me! This was one of my most vivid dreams. I cannot recall ever dreaming of a black panther before.. I find myself hoping it returns to my dreams; in fact, hoping it remains with me during my awake state, as well.
    The last thing I want to point out (because, I’ve done a lot of web searching this morning).. I made a new friend a few months ago. He is an Acupuncture doctor that has helped me cultivate my mind/body/spirit thru meditation.. He mentioned to me (this weekend), as I was describing what appear to be symptoms of anxiety & tension, that my mind seems to be inflicted with ‘self-propaganda’.. In other words, I tend to be introverted – and, persistently convincing myself that I am not meeting ‘expectations’. I spend a lot of time desiring to be alone – to address my own limitations. He’s encouraging me to trust the good nature of my soul and relax my mind!
    I would appreciate any insight from you! If you can direct me to some relevant resources that may provide additional insight (specific to the Black Panther) I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge!

    1. Hi Sheldon! Thanks for stopping by today. From your dream, I would say that Black Panther is agreeing with your Acupuncture friend. Don’t fear the future and don’t fear growth in yourself. You seem to be feeling that you are less than what you should be…Black Panther says for you to stop…SHE has your back. I find it even more interesting that a male lion was also in the dream but it does fit with what you have been beating yourself up over. When he comes into the picture it is slightly different than when a female lion appears. The male is about protection (you were wanting to protect the children) but there is more. The male lion asks us to look at our usefulness in a community or group. Do we need to be doing more for the group? Do we need to be more protective? Do we need to be more cooperative than we have been?

      OK back to the black panther. He/she is all about reclaiming your true power. You have been existing in self-degradation and the black panther is symbolic of letting you know that there is a promise of light and love that will lead you back to your true purpose…it will begin if you let it. She is a sign that you are about to make a turn…a good one so relax and let it happen. It is significant that she placed her paw on you…stay where you are and let the good come in. Don’t be afraid let yourself move to the next level or reclaim what has been yours all along.

      This was an awesome dream! Sheldon, stop beating yourself up and grow into the person that the Black Panther and Lion can let you be.

  3. Thanks for your writing on black panther. The other morning I was waking up, still half asleep and just thinking mundane thoughts, when I clearly “saw” a black panther lying with front paws outstretched watching me. It blinked its gold eyes slowly at me as cats do when they like you and are content. Later that day I looked up the spirit meaning of black panther and am thrilled to find out that this is a protector and guide to me. I am so grateful! Thanks again for your information.

  4. Hello, Beverly – it would be wonderful to know your perspective on the 2nd of two black panther dreams that I’ve had. Both of the dreams have come in the last year, and after each one abruptly concludes, I sit up straight in bed, knowing or feeling that these dreams are something more intense and meaningful than others. In any case, the second dream I was sitting on my father’s bed, where he had died the year before. Outside the window, a lion sat gazing into the sun (and trapping me inside). Then, through the bedroom door, which was open, I saw panther who walked past just long enough for me to know she was there. She looked weakened (compared to my first dream), but intent on helping. She went outside, confronted lion face to face, kissed lion on the mouth (!) – as if to say ‘thank you!’, and then ripped off lion’s mane and bit his head off his neck. I sat straight up in bed, awake, and feeling that panther had protected and helped me, and that somehow the lion, however menacing and peace-stealing, had done something helpful. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Marie, thank you for stopping by. Interesting dreams and it is no surprise Sister Panther came to you in your dreamtime. I feel that she is telling you that you need to find those things inside you that need to be healed. You felt trapped by the lion (something is trapped inside you that needs to be healed) and panther showed you that you need to rip it out and let it go. I feel that the lion represents someone or something that has/is holding you back from going forward in a positive way. Your dream last year shows that you were surrounded by a lot of negative feelings or people who needed to be washed away. Have you been clinging to the loss of your Dad? I say that because you mention you were on your Dad’s bed and had this sense of being trapped. I think that is significant to whatever needs to be healed.

  5. p.p.s. in case it helps, the first dream: I sat alone on a beach. People were off in the distance. The sea-water was clear blue-green, but turbulent. Off in the distance, to my left, I saw black panther. She walked very slowly and deliberately towards me. At first I was afraid, but I didn’t move. I watched her approach and she gazed at me steadily, deliberately, without blinking, as she walked in front of me and the off into the distance on my right. After she was out of sight, I found myself in the water, being tossed by the currents/tide (but there were no waves). I was disappointed to be there instead of back on the beach looking at her. Then I sat up in bed, and felt as if I had been more awake in my dream than I was in my life.

  6. Okay, one last p.s. – I think the first dream might have been a black leopard (panther), and then the 2nd black jaguar (panther), just based on the shapes of their faces and bodies, i.e. if the jaguar is light/leaner and especially capable of killing lions.

  7. Dear Beverly,
    Thank you so much for replying. I think you are right about what the lion represents. I have been surrounded by hostile people in real life (who became hostile because I can see some of the criminal/corrupt things they’re attempting to hide, while they bask in ‘stolen’ or misappropriated sunlight, if you know what I mean). It’s the (hidden) truth that’s been trapped inside me, and its made me the object of relentless attacks for years now. The 2nd dream came right when I was able to get a big chunk of that hidden truth out into public knowledge, after a very long time of having to keep it inside (and it was making me sick to have been effectively silenced by community pressure). I’m not sure, because my dad is now deceased and I cannot ask him, but I think he was also able to see people’s hidden truths, and that this trapped him too, because he didn’t know how to bring the information into the light. In any case, I know for sure that he also had to deal with people who know how to steal light and enjoy its benefits. Your comments are making me think more about the connection to my dad – I guess I’m wondering if there was some kind of curse that I inherited that would cause me to have to deal with this stuff, a curse that came to me from my dad’s line, and one that he was never able to break himself. In any case, the 2nd dream made me feel like the ‘mask’ had been ripped off of the ‘lion’ – the mane, when panther ripped it off, looked like a wig. It has been extremely difficult to be the object of scorn for so long (debilitating scorn, which was deliberately directed at me for the reasons stated above – it’s not a safe thing to be able to see what powerful others want to hide), and I have felt trapped. It definitely felt like panther was there to help and protect me. I was so grateful, and still am. Anyway, I think I’m rambling, so I’ll stop now! Thank you again, because your thoughts help me clarify my own, and I can tell that you have genuine insight.

    1. Ahhh! That explains why I felt so strongly that your Dad was so connected to the last dream, especially. I see what you mean about the lion being fake and basking in the light in a false manner. That makes sense with your further explanation. I know that sometimes our gifts almost seem like a curse but it is never bad to be the “good” in the eternal battle of good vs evil. Only very special people are chosen to fight the battles for good, you are up to it or you would not have been chosen. Keep “feeding” the panther with positive energy, as in the old Cherokee story the battle that goes on daily is won by the one we feed.

  8. p.s. I was attempting to say that the lion wasn’t even a ‘real’ lion, in the sense of it being a majestic creature. I was just a fake, in a wig, that was basking in stolen light and convincing others who couldn’t see its details that it was powerful/real.

  9. Thank you, Beverly. I am pretty tired. I don’t think there are words for how tired I am. My dad had seen too much of the dark truths to be able to process them in his lifetime – he died after being broken or overwhelmed by the burden. Your reminder to me to feed the positive energy is advice that I need. It’s hard to figure out how to use the ‘gift’, and until I figure it out and get good at it, I feel circumscribed by what others can’t understand or see and definitely by what others want to hide (most of the time they can tell that I know whatever they don’t want people to see, b/c I don’t feed their lies/sham). It has definitely felt like a curse because I haven’t understood well what I’ve been dealing with (until panther showed up and I got some needed clues). I don’t mean to reject it, and I want to put it to good use, it’s just that it’s been a real battle to figure out how to deal with it. So glad for panther, and thank you for being someone I could talk with about this. It does sound a little ‘out there’ at best, so I can’t exactly bring it up elsewhere. Thank you for seeing the good in it and in me. 🙂

  10. I’ll keep this short 🙂 In my black panther dream, there was a rock cave in between where a lot of people go hiking, I was there with some people and we noticed that the little cubs had come out to frolic and the mother Panther was watching them from the cave entrance with no fear of humans being around. I wasn’t scared as I love animals and I think panthers are drop dead gorgeous and the cubs even more so. I remember having a feeling of calm and happiness as I saw the cubs but all of the sudden the mother had summoned the cubs back and all went back but one cub. It wasn’t paying attention or something and was left behind. My friends and I saw this and I had this overwhelming feeling that I needed to get that cub back to its mother so it could be safe. I climbed these dangerously positioned rocks to get to the cub, picked it up and procedded to head down to the cave but as I was doing this I had a fear of falling with the cub or dropping her but never a fear of the mother seeing me with her cub. I think the mother saw that her cub was missing and she also saw me with the cub and I think it knew I was trying to get it back to her. So that’s when the Panther started coming towards me. I still wasn’t scared but I remember not wanting the Momma panther to have to take the cub out of my hand so I carefully placed it in my opened purse. When the mother Panther got to me, she saw her cub in my purse and stuck her head in it to get her cub and then she took off back to the cave. I was so happy that she had all her babies back. What could this dream have possibly meant? I wasn’t afraid the entire time…. Well the only thing I was ever afraid of was dropping the cub which didn’t happen anyways. I hope you respond. Thank you!

    1. Hi Tamala,
      I took a few hours to meditate on your panther dream. Sister panther reminds us to not be fearful of the future or to be ourselves. Here is what I got from my meditation. The little lost panther represented you. In a way your rescuing the little lost one was a message that you ARE brave enough to be yourself and be all that the universe wants you to be. You were not afraid which is a good thing…Sister Panther wants us to remember to not be afraid of facing our fears and to get past them so that we can grow in the way we are meant to. Your only fear in the dream was that you were going to drop that baby panther (yourself), I feel like that means that you are more frightened of letting yourself “fall” than you are encountering things that probably should frighten you but don’t. I’m getting mixed messages with this one so I think there is some sort of conflict either within you or around you that you are struggling with. Sister panther was letting you know that you are on the right path for growth…it is going to be a rocky one…but it is one you must follow. She also was there to let you know that you will make it, you will conquer some fears and you will rescue yourself from the negative realm you are in at the moment. I hope this connects with you in some way. Sending some positive energy your way….Beverly Two Feathers

  11. In my dream I was standing in the middle of a large opened field….as I looked around me the edges of the opened field were forest…its then when I noticed a black panther with his glowing yellow eyes just standing there at the edge of the forest just watching me.

    1. Aaniin Ashley, Have you been fearful of something unknown? Sister Panther usually comes to us to remind us to not be afraid of the future or those things that are unknown to us.

  12. Beverly,

    Thank you for taking the time to answer our inquiries. Your perspective and introspective are interesting and helpful. I found this site after having my own black panther dream.

    In my dream I was at my grandmother’s. As I was walking to her house a black panther was following me. when I arrived at my grandmother’s the big cat was lying down, relaxed away from the house but I felt some fear and anxiety and quickly rushed in the house. The panther ascended the stairs to the back door as I watched through the glass storm door. A small black house cat came up next to the panther and I feared for the cat. I was attempting to rescue the house cat who approached the panther and rubbed its face against the panther’s face as I looked on. I then reached out the door to pet the panther but woke up before I did.

    I was hoping you could provide some insight into this dream. It was quite vivid. I have never had a panther dream before but I am going through a personal turmoil and I hope growth at this time. Thank you again for taking the time to entertain my inquiry.

    1. Aaniin! Two things struck me about your dream. You were at your Grandmother’s. An Elders place. A place that most would feel comfortable and secure in. You were fearful of the panther. That is probably normal but the message of panther is to not be afraid of that which we do not know. By being in a safe place while panther came to you is significant, I think. A sign that something is coming and that you should not fear it, it will be OK.

      The second thing that came to me was the small innocent cat. You were afraid for the cat (yourself, I believe). Instead of the panther harming the cat, the cat faced its fears and welcomed the panther by greeting it with a face rub. Significant that the small one greeted the large one with no fear but with a greeting of friendship. Still you feared for the cat which was not afraid.

      My impression is this: Panther came to you to let you know it is time to face your fear of the unknown future. She was reminding you that there is no reason to be afraid. As the house cat you understood that panther was coming with a good omen but as your human form you were afraid to trust that it was a good sign. Something major is about to happen and I think your inner soul knows it but your conscious being is fearful of what is to come. Embrace that what is coming is not to be feared. It might be rough but the outcome will be what is best for you. Panther showed you that you will not be harmed in the long run, she didn’t hurt you as the cat nor did she hurt you as the human. She watched and let you know she is with you. Trust her to protect you.

  13. Hi Beverly,

    I’d be really grateful if you could help me. Firstly, I’ve been visited by a panther (most recently) and a jaguar (about six months ago). From what I’ve researched it seems jaguar and panther are interchangeable names/totems. Is this correct? Or can one have both (or is panther considered the shadow of jaguar)?

    As for my panther dream it came after I asked for some much needed guidance concerning spirits. It was night and I put up a boundary along the perimeter of a yard to keep these three kids on bikes out. They were annoyed and took off to the neighbor’s house on my left and stood watching as a panther came walking up also from the left. I was briefly scared and tripped and fell as I got back on my land. The panther followed and met me face to face and I wasn’t afraid. I stood and we started toward my house. I momentarily considered calling for my mom to help (she was inside and she often visits me in dreams, she’s passed away) and shortly after I heard a little boy cry, “Momma! Momma!” in an exaggerated Southern accent. It came from where the panther was but I don’t know if it was the panther speaking. I felt the sadness of the voice. When we went inside suddenly the panther is a cub and is lying on a kitchen island–a woman I can’t make out is across from it at the kitchen table watching and it’s bright and warm inside. I notice the cub has made a mess and needs to be cleaned up.

    I’m stumped as to why the panther became a cub. When the jaguar visited me I noted it was an adolescent. I’m unsure if there’s a connection or not with that. Any insight you can give me would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!!

    1. The panther and jaguar are not giving the same message. Panther is about embracing and not fearing the unknown while jaguar is about integrity. Neither one is the shadow of the other, both spirit animals have their own lessons for us to learn.

      Hmmm, I’m a little stumped on your dream. Although I feel that the panther cub represented you in some way. It could have something to do with a growth you are about to go through and you are fearful of it. I do think it has to do with growth…a cub will grow into an adult eventually. Let go of your fears and let the future happen….

      1. I didn’t think they would be interchangeable but I’m glad I asked. I definitely think you’re right about the cub. Thank you for your expertise, I really appreciate it!

  14. I dreamt about being in crowded market and I saw a black panther running towards the crowd and it grabbed a man head and ran off with him. After it appeared again but this time seems like it was looking for me but couldn’t get me cause I was hiding in the crowd. I woke up and looked up the dream meaning and it mentioned death. Does this means am going to die? Am very scared

    1. Oh bless your heart! That would be a scary dream. Rest assured, you are NOT going to die anytime soon. The representation of “death” means that old negative energies are going to die away. By being in a crowd, I would feel that many old unnecessary feelings and traumas will die out of your inner soul. Actually, this is a good dream. It is telling you that you are letting go of old worries and fears in order to grow spiritually. Do not be afraid of what is coming into your future, Sister Panther is letting you know that there is nothing to fear.

  15. Thankyou so much for responding. It is such a great relief. I suffer from anxiety and had got over it for a month but it came back couple days ago because got a lil scared of something that wasn’t serious. So am guessing everything is going to get better soon.

  16. Thank you so much for your writing on sister panther. I recently had a reading done by a trusted native American empath friend and was encouraged through that reading to sing my own unique song instead of constantly matching the song of those around me. That night I had a very vivid dream about a black panther which I have never dreamed of before. I was standing in what seemed to be an empty classroom watching a giant (had to be over 8 feet tall) panther pacing back and forth outside watching a window next to mine. After a few minutes of studying the panthers movements I felt it became aware of my gaze and started towards my window. At that point I became very frightened that it would see me so I ran from the room into the hallway. I stood by the door to the room knowing the panther was upset I wasn’t still by the window. The panther then opened the window and its tail came through as if it was looking for me, as soon as I saw the tail come into the hallway I was gripped with fear and woke up suddenly. I have been looking for what this could mean and im confused since most things dont mention feeling afraid of the Panther.

    1. Most people are afraid of the panther in their dream but that is symbolic of being frightened of the future in their real life. That is why Sister Panther comes to them, to tell them NOT to be afraid. She is exposing your fear to you. My thoughts are that with the trusted friend who has encouraged you to sing your own song you became a little frightened of doing that very thing. It is frightening to become the you that you are supposed to be and to stop being the you that everyone else wants you to be. There is the fear that they will not like you because you are not submitting to their will. That hurts BUT if they can not appreciate the unique YOU they are not healthy beings in your life. It is hard to let them go but it is the best thing in the long run. Study Moose. Moose encourages you to sing your song to the world with joy. My hope for you is to find the music in your soul that belongs to only you, embrace it, sing it, dance it, prosper from it.

  17. Hi I’ve have seen the black panther in my dreams many times in fact a lot lately but this one confuses me.
    I was in a forest looking at this black panther cub and someone came over to me and says that a hunter is going to come and kill the panther. I got really mad and I said get that cub out of here now! I watched as a small group of people surround the cub but before anyone could get to the cub my ears perked up and I moved my gaze
    at a huge dead thorn bush as the hunter walked out with his rifle pointing at the cub. I growled and charged the hunter who couldn’t see me because it was dark fromthe way I was attacking. Someone grabbed the cub and at the same time I pounced on the hunter who got out from under me. I gave chase to the hunter because he dropped
    his gun. The hunter was having problems running away from me because of the logs, plants and it was dark in the forest but I had no problem with anything. I finally gave one huge leap and landed on the hunter’s back, we both hit the ground but this time he couldn’t get free because he was on his side. He turned onto his back as I started mauling him and he turned to what looked like mash potatoes to me so I stood up. When I got up the group of people who had the cub cheered. I asked where the cub is and someone says that they took it far away to an animal reserve where it would stay.

    1. I have to admit, I’m a little baffled, also. It sounds like you became the panther when you went after the hunter. Have you been fearful of someone watching, stalking or “hunting” you? The cub represents a child (either you or one belonging to you) that you feel needs to be protected. This reminds me of a fear that I had as a young woman. I had this unnatural fear that someone would come and take my children away…even before I actually had children. Is it possible that you have this fear now? I sense that your dream was an indication that you faced the fear of being hurt (emotionally or physically) by attacking the hunter (person who would hurt you or your child). I also sense that this was a good dream meaning that you just released something fearful that has been bothering you either consciously or sub-consciously.

  18. Hi,
    I was brought to your site, and so I shall ask you my question (One I am sure you find a little different”):

    First off, I am a medium. It has taken me the better part of a decade to be able to say that, and have only been saying it out loud for a year.

    Recently, I was invited to another (far more experienced) medium’s circle to observe him going into deep trance so that another spirit, Samuel, could manifest using the medium’s body to speak to us. During Samuel’s time, he addressed me. First, he gave me a Shamrock, and told me that it was very important (I am Irish, and just went to Ireland 5 months ago). He said I had a deep connection with Ireland.
    Then, he said that he saw the color ‘very dark Navy’ around me.
    He then either ‘gave’ me a black panther, or said that he saw a black panther with me, which one he said I cannot remember, as my higher self seemed to be connecting with him while my physical self seemed to be “out of it” a little.
    I have struggled with accepting my mediumship, and at other times have felt that I am particularly strong soul being held back by human fears.
    Do you have any insight for me?
    Thank you so much–many blessings,

    1. Aaniin, Karen. That first word means roughly translated … “I see your light”. I don’t think that your being invited to talk to Samuel through the other medium was a coincidence by any stretch of the imagination. Samuel gave you some very wise words. Do you know, for instance, that the aura he described around you is very significant? He said that he saw very dark navy. The color is associated with knowledge, power, integrity and seriousness. I believe it is also the color of universal law, a most sacred color.

      He could have said that he was giving you a black panther or it could be that he saw one with you, either way that is very important in my view. Sister Panther comes to us to tell us to let go of our fears and NOT to be frightened of who we are.

      The universe has bestowed you with a gift, a gift that is not given to just anyone. I sense that you are a strong soul and also an old soul. For some reason in this life you are frightened of your gift and you are right …. those fears are holding you back. That is why the panther that Samuel saw is so important. It was his way of telling you to let go of the fears, allow yourself to be who you are so that your destiny in this lifetime can be fulfilled. It is also why Samuel saw you surrounded by dark navy blue … you are surrounded by the sacred laws of the universe. They are protecting you because you are special. It isn’t easy to be different, to see things that others don’t, to have visions, to receive messages that no one else hears. Sometimes we just want to be “normal”. What is normal, anyway? Growth begins when we realize that we are our own normal. What is normal in our life is foreign to someone else. Just as their normal would be foreign to us. We can live a miserable existence as we walk in our human forms by denying the gifts that have been bestowed on us or we can accept ourselves for what we are, learn as much as we can and use our gifts for the good of those we encounter. As I am sure you know, no matter how much we might want to; we can’t shut it off like a light switch. If we are to be used to see a vision or if our body is to be used for a spirit to communicate through, it happens whether we want it to or not. It doesn’t do one bit of good to pretend those things don’t happen to us, it only makes us feel bad about ourselves and it is very unhealthy emotionally and eventually physically.

      Embrace that you are a medium. Feel comforted that you are surrounded by sacred energy and let black panther help you let go of your fears. You will be a happier person. Just out of curiosity what is the month and day of your birth? I would be interested to know what your birth totem is but more importantly your spirit keeper. I think you have a powerful one.

  19. Years ago, maybe when I was between 4-7 years old, I was alone in my family’s large back yard by a creek that ran behind our house. As I stood at the top of the path leading to the creek I saw a panther on the incline opposite me on the other side of the creek. As anyone would be I was in disbelief. At this point in my life I hadn’t even been to a zoo, so a panther alone was amazing. Even more amazing, on instinct I looked around, almost in a “is anyone else seeing this!” sort of way. When I looked back the panther was gone. The panther had disappeared so fast, to this day I have no idea whether I saw it, was hallucinating, or what! The disappearance was within literally 1 second of me looking away and looking back. Mind you, I was not living in some exotic locale where panthers saunter into your backyard like alligators in Florida. This was in a well populated area in California. Many many miles from the nearest wildlife location. This was the suburbs! Every once in a while this memory comes back to me randomly, but the most recent time was directly after I had a personal breakthrough concerning personal growth, mild substance abuse/self medication, and just inner peace concerning events of my childhood . I’m now scouring the internet for information about panthers on a spiritual level and seeing some parallels that honestly freaked me out a little. Looking for any input on this experience. Thanks.

    1. Most definitely the panther has come to you several times as a teacher. Don’t be freaked out, pay attention to what she teaches you.

  20. I saw a panther in what appeared to be a cave. I was standing there and the panther looked at me, passed right by me like I was not there and went to her cubs that were laying in a circle. She laid down with them and started nurturing them. I was not afraid.

  21. I was visited by a panther in my bedroom in spirit form while I was asleep. It awaken me as I heard a vibrational sound, like boading balls and felt it physically walking around me on my bed, as I open my eyes I could see a light “sheen” of the vibrations coming off of it. I was frightened because I was not expecting this. I had just been to a Sound Attunement and Ancestral Meditation and worked with crystal skulls. I had a Himalayan Sea Salt lamp on in the room and crystals. What message did the panther want me to have? thank you.

    1. Hi Rebecca, I can’t say for sure what the panther was trying to tell you. It most probably had something to do with the attunement and meditation you had just gone through. I think if you reflect on portions of either of those you will find your answer. Something significant was revealed to you in at least one of those events and Sister Panther came to remind you of it, to not be fearful of it to not hold yourself back in your growth.

  22. I tend to dream about big cats mainly Lions but last night I dreamnt of playing a game with a Black Panther. I was wary of this anmials power ( The only way I can explain that feeling is that I knew if the animal want to end it they would) but I did not feel unsafe. It was a game to the cat like a hide and seek. I was trying to hide but when I turned round he was standing there looking at me. Whilst hiding I did not feel fear just excitment of the chase.

  23. Hi Beverly, I had a dream where Black Pantger visited. She died and a baby black Panther cub was born…both right next to me on my right. And suddenly I noticed a lady Lioness next to me on my right. All were friendly to me. Lioness gave me the slow blink (= a cat kiss) & Panther laid down next to me as if to rest by me in affection. She looked like she was smiling, & I didnt realize at first that she had passex on. I really thought she was just resting after giving birth. I have seen the cub in a subsequent dream, shes grown into a pre-teen:) I have a sense for what Panther means, but wonder about Lioness. What meanings are associated with her visit?

    1. The lioness brings an interesting aspect to the dream. When sister lion comes as a totem it is usually about community or a group (lion pride). Once might conclude that she came to you because there is a need for you to examine where you belong in a particular group. The female lion is the busiest being that she raises the young and is typically the best hunter but that hunting is always done with great stealth…good to remember when beginning a new endeavor…be cautious and stealthy in your approach. Her appearance definitely means that you should pay specific attention to your feminine energies.

  24. Oops, meant to say Lioness was on my left. I feel as if the directions from which Spirit Guides appear is significant, but do not know why or how they are.

    1. Yes the direction is always significant. Your left is your female side. It usually deals with relationships and mothering, nurturing yourself and others.

  25. Thank you very much. I didnt realize that stealth also went with Lioness. I’d been associating that only with Black Panther. If the left signifies mothering/nurturing, what does the right side indicate? I ask mainly because Black Panther usually visits me from or on the right.

    1. The right side represents your male energy. This side is the side that carries your courage and warrior spirit. If sister panther visits on the right she must be the totem you learn from about your father spirit within your spirit.

  26. I was also wondering if Lioness could indicate something about a ‘new day dawning’ or a new beginning. It is not easy to find info about her…everyone talks about Lion. Im really glad you are able to cover both.

    1. Well, you kind of nailed it. The lioness signifies that there will be an opportunity to awaken into a new dawn or under a new sun. She also reminds us to not be afraid to roar if we feel threatened or intruded upon. I don’t know why they concentrate so much on the male lion…he is kind of worthless. Lion as a whole is a female energy and the lioness better represents the totem. Sister lion could just as easily visit a man in his dreams if he needed to be in touch with his feminine side.

  27. Thank you, Beverly. Very interesting. I’ve been wondering also what you might make of the whole dream where Panther dies next to me and at the same moment Black Panther cub appears, & Lioness appears on my right. I have a sense for the meanings but wonder what your insight might say. I hope this doesnt post twice…it’s been hard to get my reply to load.

    1. Well, Mary, my feelings are that the Mother Panther died along with something that you feared…you are no longer fearful about it or you don’t need to be anymore. The baby comes to set the tone for some healing to begin. At least that has been my impression when I have read your comments. I feel that the 3 females are significant with extra female energy beginning to flow into your spirit. The lioness has arrived to make you aware that a new opportunity is coming, watch for it. So, whatever you were worried about is resolved or about to be, your are healing from some old hurts or fears and a new dawn is on the horizon. I believe this was a very good and positive dream for you, Mary. Very powerful stuff!

  28. Oops did it again…meant to say Lioness appears on tge left. Anyway I agree with you in that Lion is a curiously emphasized in coverage of the totem. Would be great to see Lioness treated fully somewhere.

  29. Thank you so much. It’s hard to know the details or possibilities of meaning. So often new ones become apparent just by looking from different angles, at different points in time, & through the eyes of others. I felt the dream was positive too. I am always beyond happy when my spirit friends show up in dreams. I’ll mention one more detail here because it fits with your observations. In the dream, as the death, birth , & 1st appearance of Lioness happened, I also caught site down the road of an enormous worm-slug-snake with a strangely human and familiar eye watching. This monstrosity was slithering slowly past, and had an energy that said s’thing like ‘she did it. She beat me. Im going to move along feeling cheated of everything I wanted to steal from her, before she comes over here and kills me.’ Now mind you in real life my fears had sort of accumulated over the years and created a real adversary in my life who has the character of a cross between Jabba the Hutt and Smiegel. He’s done everything he can to steal from me. Right when I had the dream, I had taken a final stand against him that forced me to give up my life as I have known & built it, to face my worst fears, & to start getting better on a new but very uncertain foundation. Thought you might like to seehow your insights worked with all that. Hope I havent gone on too long. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Beverly, something has been perplexing me & I thought I’d ask if you had a feeling about it. If Black Panther comes when we need to deal with our fears, & she died next to me when I faced my ‘real world’ nemesis, does Black Panther’s appearance as the new boen cub mean I have to get ready to face another big fear? I mean if the cub signifies a time for healing, does her black color mean I did not successfully eradicate my fear when she/I/the mother Black Panther died?

      1. I should clarify that I identify with Black Panther both as the adult who died and also as the cub. I feel that the cub represents a rebirth. I just dont understand if the color black (as opposed to having a gold coat with rosettes) means I am still a person who has not faced her fears, or if it means that whatever life Im born into, I will always be a black jaguar, whether I have fears that need facing or not. In that case, what does the totem signify when it is not pointing to fears that need facing? I was recently visited by a black anddark blue butterfly, in a significant way & am not understanding the message of the melanism in either case :/

        1. I feel that you are strongly connected to the Black Panther, she seems to be one of your power totems in this life. The spirit of this animal is always going to appear to you as black…that is its color in physical form. It wouldn’t be a Black Panther if it was any other color. Well, it COULD appear as white but that would be rare and would signify something very sacred. All humans are put into situations where their fears need to be addressed. Some are small and don’t usually need a visit from our spirit guides, others come into play and we need to face them in order to grow. Black is not the bad color that many give it credit for. Yes, it can have some bad connotations but it is also the color of Power, elegance, formality and mystery. The black and blue butterfly would signify a time of metamorphosis, a good one, and since black was a prevalent color my feeling is that it meant that the new dawn that is coming into your life, as foretold by the appearance of the lioness, will be a time for you to become more powerful in your life. A power shift, if you will, the time of being controlled by an individual and the fear of him has ended and now you will heal, grow and be more in touch with the power of your own energy, gifts and abilities.

      2. I might not have been clear. I am sensing that the adult panther represented the fear you needed to face and when you faced it, she died in the dream to show you that you no longer needed to face that fear. The BABY is there for a different reason. She is signifying that you are in a cycle of healing from the battle with the fear. In this case the baby is black because the healing will give you power, it also represents the death of the fear and the great mystery of life. Neither the adult who died nor the baby are bad omens. Your dream was a very positive one, you were getting good news from these spirit animals. Will you at some point have a new fear to face, oh most assuredly it is a part of the human condition but this dream wasn’t telling you to prepare for that part of your future…it was celebrating the battle and the healing.

  30. Thank you Beverly for your thoughts about my visitors. It helps to see the messages through your eyes. Yes I had been hoping to understand the significance of the melanism in Black Panther beyond its relationship to ‘fears’ precisely b/c Black Panther appeared again right after my victory over the large fear/right. Anyway, it helps to know its (the colors) other significances. I feel blessed to have such a beautiful & bad a$$ creature for my guide and as my protector. She recently reappeared as a preteen in another dream, & looks MUCH healthier, stronger and even playful. Mary

  31. I had a vision dream last night. I was walking out my mom’s front door whom I live with for one year. My 23 year old daughter just moved in within also. My daughter and I are contemplating moving out or arranging mothers home to make a private space for us all with moms approval. Mom says it’s okay, but I believe I need to move and mom would be fine with that decision too. I am worried financially if we can make it if we move out. I probably can, but I also would be happier moved out…we all would. Also a distant love mine said he had a dream we mutually broke up. It’s fine with me because of our incredible distance and neither of us are willing to move at this time closer.

    This beautiful black panther vision was of me walking out mothers front door on a beautiful sunny day and feeling lovely and I was holding a leash and in front of me possibly leading me was an amazing beautiful black panther. The panthers black fur was sparkling in the sunlight. We were slowly walking down the front path from the frontdoor. This is significant somehow as I rarely dream. When I dream it is usually a vision. Peace…Brenda

    1. You said that Sister Panther appeared to be leading you and you had a leash. It would seem to me that you are tethered to your fears. Sister Panther could have been showing you to begin to walk forward and to slowly release those fears. She showed herself because you are in a time of healing but you have to let go of the hurts of the past and move forward. Sister Panther tells us, “Do not fear your future! Do not fear the unknown!”. You can not grow if you are not happy…if being on your own will make you happy you should work towards that.

  32. I had a dream of several black panthers gathered at a place. In one part of the dream I was trying to avoid them by flying in a car and hoping to land beyond where they were on the ground. In another part of the dream I saw many black panthers resting on trees and I could see their yellow green eyes in the dark as I was trying to bolt myself in my house. I was trying to let other people know that they shouldn’t venture out. In part of the dream an ex-lover of mine was heading out in the night and I felt concerned about how he was going out when there seemed like many panthers were out in the dark. Please help interpret the dream of why I was seeing so many black panthers in the dream. Thank you.

  33. Hi Beverly, I just wanted to post a note of thanks and appreciation. I have posted here before with questions when I was really worked up by my concerns , and was having a hard time. Panther has given me vision-dreams to help, & it helped me to be able to talk about them here. I look at my old posts and think I asked too much of your attention. Sorry :/ & thank you for being nice about it.

  34. Mary, who posts too often, but is glad to find a place where other people know about spirit animals says:

    I just felt like posting here again, to say something about Black Panther who visits me in dreams. Most people wouldn’t think that Black Panther would be funny, because she comes with such serious-business in mind, because she’s so powerful and because the light of Truth in her eyes can be so mesmerizing and penetrating. I was ‘most people’ in this sense, but wanted to say the when Black Panther visits me in dream-visions, she often makes me laugh, even at the most deadly serious and difficult moments or circumstances. She does really sweet things, and the memories of the way she shows me things that I need to see and appreciate can crack me up for months after her visits. I mean, I am not one who went looking for my spirit guides, and I never imagined that I had any with me. I just assumed stories about totems were understandable to people who grew up in cultures that pass those kinds of stories along. So first of all, I never imagined I had such amazing Friends in the spirit world, second, I’m so grateful every day that I do, and third, it still amazes me every day that they can be so funny and kind and full of surprises they way that they are. It’s as if my life was lived in black and white before they arrived, and now everything’s technicolor. And thank goodness, because life was NOT easy ever, but they somehow heal me and help me, and understand me better than I understand myself. If it weren’t for them, I’d be lost and broken. What a beautiful gift to know they are real, and that somehow I have mattered to them. Black Panther was the first to visit me in a clear and unmistakeable way, but I’ve since learned that others are there and have been there all along, in some cases. Just wanted to share that about spirit animals in general, and about Black Panther in general. I know her messages for me can be deadly serious, and that something very serious is going on in my life to cause her to appear, but somehow, she goes out of her way to make me smile and laugh and feel cared about through all of it.

  35. Dearest Beverly,
    I rarely dream, so when I do, I feel it is significant. One night I had a vision which I saw in like a video up to my right side above my head. I saw a black panther with the most beautiful shiny black coat. It’s beautiful black coat glistened in the sunlight. It was the most sun shiny day! The panther was peacefully slowly leading me out my mother’s front pathway. I believe I was loosely holding a leash to the panther. I was contemplating moving out of my mothers home, had the fear of the unknown, rejection by my mother, financial worries, fear of being alone. I am a grown woman and was married 31 years. I left the marriage with much contemplation and sold searching. Moved to Florida and lived with my mother. I believe the black panther leading me out the front door was major for me to get enough the courage to move out. Now I am on my own. I am happy but lonely at times. But the beautiful black panther’s image stays with my thoughts often.

  36. I woke from a dream this morning of a black panther with the distinct feeling it was trying to tell me something,to convey something of importance! Especially since it repeated the same action after a bit of other dreaming that I’m not sure was important. I was in a living room with a very big glass window that looked out on the yard and the black panther was there and paced once or twice before the window before leaping through it towards me,the first time glass breaking,the second time went through the glass as if it was not solid and only smoke,now I didn’t at all feel scared of this panther only that it was trying to convey something to me by this action! I also had this distinct feeling throughout That I was like a witch but not in the bad sense more like a wise woman with spiritual powers and intuition,and knowledge,of herbs and medicine and powers thereof,I hope I’m describing this right so you can understand,but also that this black panther was my familiar or spirit guide. Can you perhaps give me your interpretation? I have been researching it a bit since waking but I’d certainly love to hear what you think ,thanks in advance!

    1. Lacy, I know your question was for Beverly, but I thought I’d just add something in case it was useful to you. Dreams are metaphorical, in the sense that we have to interpret them (usually) as not literal, but significant of something. That’s a given and I imagine you already know it. The second thing is that what is signified can take its meaning from your own personal, subjective experience of life. Just for an example, a dream about an American flag probably won’t be about the same thing for an American as it is for someone from another country. The only ones who can really know what your dream was about are you and your Panther friend who seems to have sent you the message. Other people can make guesses (educated ones, but still ultimately uncertain) but only you and Panther have access to the repository of your mind and will know best what meanings the contents of your dreams carry. In fact, our Guides know the contents of our minds better than we do, in my experience! They pick to communicate information in ways that are especially keyed to our own personal symbolic language. That said, my guess is that Panther was showing up first to tell you that She’s coming to you now, and wants you to notice. There’s only a small and decreasing ‘barrier’ between her and you at this point (which is why it was easier for her to ‘get through’ the second time she came through the ‘window/smoke’). What She means to do with you doesn’t seem to be communicated in this dream, so far as I can see. But again, you might know better and more.

  37. Last night I dreamed of a black panther. We seemed to be on vacation, or rather just in an unknown house. We being my mother, long-time boyfriend, myself and our two cats. When I dream of my cat I’m constantly trying to keep him from getting hurt or falling off of a boat or whatnot. So needless to say, in this dream I was worried about him getting out of this unfamiliar house wandering around lost in the unknown forest that grew up close to the house. And of course, yes, he found a way out. So I go to the back door, which is facing the forest, and as I open the door I startled the panther that had apparently been sitting on the roof of the house. It jumps from the roof out onto the lawn and runs into the forest. I, of course, got a little nervous. My cat, well both cats actually, are outside and there is a panther. So, I grab the cats up and get them back inside as quick as I can. This was the first that time I saw the panther. Next I’m outside, I believe we were getting in a vehicle to leave. I look at the house just before getting in the car and notice, through a window that the cats are trying to get out of the back sliding screen door. I walk back to the house to prevent them getting out when I notice that the panther is now sitting in the small back lawn just at the edge of the forest. Just sitting there watching the house and the cats. It would glance at me every now and then. I was a little scared but I kind of also felt this strange…peace, I guess you could say.. While I was standing there confused about how I was feeling and scared that this panther is just sitting here watching my cats and a bit terrified about the fact that I was just standing out here with it, the cats got out. The panther stands up and slowly just…strolls up to the cats. They are not in the least bit scared. At this point I’m not sure what to do. So I just stand with my back against the house, just around the corner so that the back of the house is around to my right. The panther walks around the corner within arms reach of me. As it’s walking by I reach out with my left hand and touch it’s back, feeling it’s soft yet stiff fur. It continues to walk past me and on to the car in which is my mother and boyfriend. It just walked up to them and looked at them. It was just after this that I woke up. I should also add that two weeks ago my sister passed away unexpectedly from an overdose. We were very close sisters. She was brilliant. This is actually the first dream I’ve had since she passed.

  38. I had a dream last night..I was looking after a panther (jaguar)…no real explanation it was a friend’s panther. I was driving and he/she was in the back. I kept having to stop the jeep and the panther would run out…I would get out and see another beautiful animal…like adolphin swimming and I saw the panther swimming…and I was afraid it was going to kill it. I felt powerless and responsible. But then the panther would run back and literally jump into my arms (I guess he/she wasn’t very big…bit she that’s just one of those illogical dream thing. Tge jaguar would wrap its best around me and cling to me. This happened multiple times on our trip.

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