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Hello, I’m Beverly Owens, my friends and family have called me Bev for most of my life. During a pilgrimage to a sacred site, I received my spiritual name of Two Feathers several years ago.  One of my favorite topics to write about is the history and spirituality of the Native Americans of both the past and the present.

I am a wife, mother and grandmother who treasures family very much. My hobbies include reading and crochet. I also write fiction novels. Recently, I published my first book in a series that includes a character that many of the readers of this blog might enjoy. Kitchi is a Midewiwin trained many years ago by the Grand Medicine Society. He is a healer and and “seer” offering guidance to many in the community where he lives; most especially to the main character of the book.

Death Takes A Spin

Illegal Harvest

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  1. Hi BevsPaper,

    We are a french store located in Paris, and have a brand new website (wholesale and retail), with a lot of our native american jewelry from navajo, pueblo, Zuni and more…

    Could you link us somewhere ?

    Thank you and our best wishes for the year to come !

    Laura from Harpo.

  2. Hello Mam,
    Some years ago I had a VERY vivid dream that I was flying very high above the earth on the back of a White Eagle. I felt ver calm and safe and peaceful. Out perched on its wing to my right as we were soaring was a Black Vulture calmly sitting there. Can you shed light on any meaning to me? I have had dreams a few more times over the years similar to this and wonder if this should mean something to me……..

    Thank You for any Help….

  3. I have a question about The Stick insect. My husband has prostate cancer..a few weeks ago he was blessed by butterfly, who sat on his shoulder for over 10 minutes..yesterday a Walking stick sat on his boot for several hours, while he sat outside with friends..I cannot find the meaning of Walking stick anywhere…I know that Every interaction has a meaning..Help? Please Thanks

  4. We live in Northeast Florida, on Amelia Island. My husband witnessed a red fox meandering slowly across our property sniffing around as if for food. We have a deep lot, 5 acres. We had wondered what animal inhabited large holes dug into the ground and felled logs in the back of the property. What significance does the fox have?

  5. Can a person be of 2 clans? I identify with both the elements of FIRE and AIR live them both equally and personality wise I am excessive of both. Although a Taurean which is more earthy and I recognize I have too much fire in me and need more water to calm me……My animals that I feel close to are the panther/Jagaur and I love eagles, hawks, owls and butterfly. I have always been running from snake but it keeps popping up in dreams and in readings so…. do I sound confused or what?

    1. It is possible that one element is from your Moon sign and one is from your Sun sign and maybe that is where you are confused. Both are determined by the date of your birth. As for totems, you have the ones you were born under that journey with you throughout your lifetime and you have special messenger totems that come and go as the need arises.

  6. I wrote a book two years ago called “Land Of The Indians” – would you like a copy. All I need is a mailing address.

  7. hello,
    I just wished to write to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading your site. I am part cherokee on my mother’s side and my sister is half blackfoot on her father’s side. we are half sisters actually as you can see. but anyways I love anything and everything to do with the Native American culture. I also have a friend who is always looking for new info on this as well and I am having a problem with finding information about her birth totem. Her birthday is September 13 If you could help me I’d be grateful as I say she loves Native American stuff as I do. Also I noticed you do crafts. I do too and am looking for a crochet pattern for a native american girl dress to do for a project I’m working on. If you may have any ideas or could help in any way I’d be grateful. Sorry if I’ve rambled I take medication due to a serious ailment which has left me bedbound. Thanks again for any and all help!!!!

    1. Hello Monia,
      Thank you for letting me know that you have enjoyed reading my blog. I am so glad it has helped you. Your friend was born under the Harvest Moon and her birth totem is the Brown Bear. Of course it doesn’t stop there because we all have 9 power totems that walk with us on our journey here on Mother Earth. And then there are the Messengers who come and go to teach us important lessons.

      I don’t know of any specific patterns for Native dresses. Will you be knittin, crocheting, or sewing the dress? You know you can always use yarns that are colored in the typical colors we see in Native American designs with any pattern. Perhaps something made from turquoise, red, and yellow? Or use the colors of the Medicine Wheel which are Red, Yellow, White, and Black.

      Let me know if I can help you further.

  8. Hello Bev! I found an amulet in the park, I’ll really appreciate if you can tell me what is it (i couldn’t find it on internet). Its a leather with the silver circle and small turquoise stone above it. Inside the silver circle is inverted L shape symbol and “i” symbol without a dot.
    Thank you in advance

  9. I had a golden Eaglet land in front of me. He sat turning his head side to side as if sizing me up. Several other times golden eagles have landed near me. What is the symbolism in the Golden Eagle? I am of Cherokee ancestry. Waldo

    1. The golden Eagle might be your spirit keeper depending on when your birth date is. (March 21 through June 20). It could be one of your power totems (which would be my guess if it continues to visit you) or it could be a messenger totem. You might find either one of these posts on this blog helpful: Eagle Native American Totem or Eagle Animal Totem. You can also do a search in the box at the top in the header of this blog for eagle and find posts about them.

  10. Dear Bev,
    I have just come across your site and I am so glad that I did! It is wonderful! My life has recently made a dramatic change and I am now fully walking my spiritual path. I had some very specific encounters with animals and I know that they came with messages of guidance for me. I was Divinely led to write my first book God is in the Little Things; Messages from the Animals. I also write a weekly blog Messages from the Animals which is similar to yours.
    I know my life purpose is to help people to see the Oneness that we are all a part of and share with Our higher Self, each other and all beings in the natural world. I would love to connect and see how we can work to support each other in sharing this important work.
    More info on me, my book, blogs etc can be found on my website http://godisinthelittlethings.com and I can be contacted at patriciabrooks@godisinthelittlethings.com
    Thank you and have a blessed day!

    1. It is so nice to meet you, Patricia. Thank you for taking the time to visit and to leave your lovely comment. I visited your website for a little while today, it is very well done. I’ll contact you through your email address to see how we might work together.

  11. Hello 🙂 I’m quite fond of this website but someone just tried to tell me it’s fake information, so i was wondering what your sources are if you can tell us? This is just to avoid an argument because i am fond of this website and have seen a lot of the information you’re posting elsewhere from websites made by natives 🙂

    1. I don’t believe that it is fair for anyone to say that information from myself or anyone else is fake. My sources? I have learned much from Jamie Sams, Ted Andrews and Black Elk’s teaching along with many other American Indian sources. I have learned the most from my own animal spirits, however. Of course there is going to be repetition of information when that information pertains to spiritual beliefs that span thousands of years in time. Do you not find the same information on different sites that pertain to Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Islam? Would it be so odd that others share similar information about Native American spirituality? As for whether this site is written by a “native” or not…I may not be what is considered as a full-blood (many are not) and I may not live on a reservation (many did leave) but part of my ancestry is American Indian. I hope that you will continue to visit my site, as I try to give my personal touch to the information that I share to my readers. Thank you for taking the time to ask your questions.

    2. Dear Aquilus,
      It is so nice to be connected to you! I can assure you that the information on this site and other sites that share the meaning and understanding of our connection to the natural world and the animals is most definitely real.
      The Divine spirit is in all living things. There is a Oneness that we are all a part of. As part of the Oneness we have the ability to communicate. When we embrace our true spiritual selves we see, hear and feel the messages in all forms of communication and from many different messengers. The animals are one way.
      That you have visited this site and are asking the questions I believe means that your Spirit is speaking to you. You are becoming more aware. Learn to listen to your Self. The world becomes a truly amazing place when we connect to our Self, each other and all living beings.
      I wish you the very best!

  12. Hello, how can I contact you personally?
    I am looking for a retreat under the native american approach. I am a 39 years old male Falcon. Married and with two daugthers. Life is a bless, head is a mess. Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. Hi Hugo, thank you for stopping by. I am not aware of any retreats at this point and time. I’m sure that you will find the one that will work the best for your needs if you just persevere in your search…part of the journey is searching for the information waiting for you.

  13. Dear Beverly, I just discovered your site and I’m enjoying reading and learning. I have always felt very connected to animals. Finally, at this stage in my life, caring for people’s pets has become my profession. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Barbara

  14. Hello Bevspaper,
    I went to a Medium not to long ago. One of my spiritual guides is an Indian from North America. I don’t know from which Tribe. He told me to read books on the Snake People, or, the Snake Medicine. I have bought a bunch of books on Indian Medicine, but nothing really with the Snake Totem, or referencing the Snake people. I am wondering which Tribe is that of the Snake people. And would you know any good books I could look for on the topics mentioned?

    Thanks so much.

    1. I don’t know of any tribal tradition who does not recognize the snake totem. One of the birth totems is the snake (Oct 21/Nov 22) and I wonder if that is what the medium was picking up on. Is that the moon sign of your birth? As to people who have real snake medicine and sometimes are referred to as snake people, They are rare, it isn’t a totem to mess with without a proper shaman to help you with it. I don’t know of any books that would cover just the topic of snake medicine. I’m sensing danger and warnings, please beware and be cautious.

      1. Beverly Two Feathers,
        I am a Raven or Crow. I was born on September 29, 1963, on the cusp of the months. I am looking for info on the “snake People” more so than just the Snake Medicine. I have been told by numeroligists that I am a very rare type of person. I wonder if being born on the “cusp” between the Raven/Crow and the Snake has anything to do with that? I did buy a book called “Plumed Snake Medicine” by “James Willard Shultz”, his Indian name was “Ap-i-kun-i, he lived with the Blackfoot. It is about a seven year old boy and his Grandfather named (of all things) “Raven”.They travel to the country of the Cliff-Dwellers in search of their powerful medicine, to keep the buffalo from forsaking their ranges in the Blackfoot country. So, I don’t think thisis exactly the book I’m looking for, but may give me some insight into the thinking of the Indian ways. I don’t understand the danger you speak of, and hope and pray I don’t cross the wrong bridge? Can you give me more info about any of this and which direction I should travel? Is their a Shaman I could get some insight from? I am eager to follow my path. I have started reading a few books on Medicine wheels and how the cardinal points and animals etc… are conjoined with all that is. It is very helpful so far and is touching on many, many things that I think my Indian Guide was hoping I could study. Balance and becoming whole being the most important. It is a wonderful way of life and I want to become more connected with all that is and learn to live a peaceful existance.

        Thank-you for being her for me.


        1. You are not on the cusp of Raven/Crow and Snake. Snake is Oct 23/24 to Nov 21/22. Snake People are people who are strong in snake medicine so they are kind of one in the same. People born under the moon of Snake are not exactly snake people. They are guided by snake but that does not mean that they have actual snake medicine. I feel that you need to be cautious in this path of your journey. You may be too eager at this point. Keep trying to learn as much as you can. If you live near a Reservation, you might visit and ask about the possibility of seeing their Shaman or Medicine person for some guidance. This should not be done over the internet, not snake medicine for sure. When one is initiated into the Snake People it involves being bitten several times by actual snakes. It is dangerous and should not be done just for the fun of it. I keep sensing that someone has given you bad advice and that you could be harmed. I think you should study the ancient ways, that won’t harm you but be leary of what a non-Indian tells you to do.

  15. Bev,
    Thanks again for your response. I think you are right when you said I got bad advice. It wasn’t on purpose, it was just an assumption that Snake People and Snake Medicine were the same. So, from your correspondance, I have seen the difference and I believe I am folowing the path that my Spirit Guide and You have thought to be the better of the two…..Snake Medicine.
    I have been reading the books from JT Garret and his son, they are great books and do take the reader into the Historical past of the Indian ways of Balance and Harmony, and that is exactly what I am looking for.
    Thank-you so much for answering my questions and helping me to figure out what exactly it is I’m after.

    Be well,


  16. ok i went through your animal totems on your page and one of my nine totem animals is raven but it is not on your animal totem page i got raven east south was turkey wolf was west coyote was north horse was above dog was below ant was within owl was right side left side has not come to me yet but raven was not in your list of totems just curious as to why?

    1. I’m not sure what you are asking. What page are you referring to? There is a page that shows all of the Birth Totems and it includes Raven which is different than your 9 power totems but that is the only page that I can think of that lists totems. There are several pages or posts that refer to the raven totem. How did you arrive at what your power totems are?

  17. Thank you so much for the information on the 4 winds of change. I have been asking for clarity in conjunction with my spiritual journey, and have found the answers I was looking for.


  18. Bev,
    I know that trees are Standing People but can never remember the word for the Stone or Rock People. I believe it starts with an ‘ I ‘. Help?

  19. Hi Beverly, thank you for your informative sites. I have a question about the coyote totem Ashawnoodese, if you could consider for me please. Recently I intuited him as an observer/totem with spread wings, being positioned with his outspread wings upon a a corner in the room of a therapists office. She claims the coyote totem and informed me that a shaman told her he was there. I was able to Intuit this as well. Although the wings are not coyote. Because she was a tad uncomfortable with him there I placed a block allowing her to freely interact with the totem spirit without it causing her the uncomfortableness she had been experiencing. Last night he came to me and told me his name, which is how I was able to search for him on here and found your site. We are in Canada, Northwestern Ontario and neither of us are natives. My question is about the trickster’s wings, and how you would interpret this situation. Thank you

    1. Well, I’m confused…a coyote does not have wings so I don’t understand why it would come to you or the therapist showing wings. Of course he is the trickster and is usually doing something odd.

  20. A friend sent me a poster of a Native American looking at a full moon. On the poster are the words, “Mi na Kapten Ingi Yu no e si mi Ma….”

    Can you point me where I can find out what this means in English?


    1. It isn’t a language that I recognize. Is it possible that the poster came from another country and therefore the caption is in that language? Many people painted pictures depicting Native Americans in scenes. Most of the artists were non-Indian and a caption could be applied to any of their works.

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